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make online filter library available offline

Make the thousands of user contributed filters which are available online be available offline (on demand) and just sync the updates (additions/changes) from time to time.

Michael , 06.04.2016, 08:24
Idea status: under consideration


Trofin Petrut, 06.04.2016, 10:01
Good afternoon ,

I have just downloaded ,will use it and will be happy to leave after a comment. Thank you ,kind regards

Andrea Cort├ęs, 06.04.2016, 18:00
derek douglas, 06.04.2016, 20:09
So the idea is you should bundle the 11,000+ filters with the software and the library checks you have the latest version as it does just now and adds all the new filters added to the library since you were last syncing with the library? Brilliant idea, then everyone would have all my filters :)
Sorry but I think the current system where you download the filters you want to your computer and can use them offline makes more sense

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